All of our plugins have translation ready strings in the code files so you can easily localize it to your preferred language. The main translation .pot file is localized in /languages folder of the plugin root.

Plugin Installation Link

To begin with the translation of a particular plugin, please install first the Loco Translate plugin which will help you with this job. You can navigate to the plugins page of your admin by going to Plugins - Add New.

Then type Loco Translate in the search box on the right side. After you find the plugin click the Install Now button and next Activate.

Loco Translate

Translating Strings Link

By installing the Loco Translate plugin you can access the translation tool by navigating to Loco Translate - Plugins.

Loco Translate Plugins

Click on the plugin name which you wish to translate.

Loco Translate Plugin

Next click on the New language link.

On the next page select the language you want to start the translation with, choose the location and click the Start translating button to proceed with the process.

Now you can start to translate the source text by clicking any string you want to translate. Once you finish the steps don’t forget to save the job by clicking the Save button.

String Translation

Helping Us With Translation Link

If you would like to contribute to the plugin’s translations and would like to include your translation in the plugin(s) next versions please contact us with exported *.po and *.mo file which you can generate by clicking on the download links.

Generate Language Files