Post formats display your articles with a unique icon style which immediately informs the website readers about the post topic. These post formats are shown on the blog index page as well as on single posts.

The theme supports a couple of them and you can easily select them. When creating or editing a post select a post format on the right side of the document by clicking the Post Format select box.

Featured / Sticky Posts stay on the top of the classic posts and also on archive pages they get a nice card-style layout that will show the hand-picked posts which you think are important for your website visitors to see.

An article that is marked as sticky also contains the title Featured which is shown on the blog pages, single posts and on the archive page in the featured section. To display any post as featured just check the Stick to the top of the blog box on the post editor right side. A recent sticky post can be also shown as the most recent post in the header content area of your blog.