The options below are available only with the premium extension – componentz ExtrasLearn More

In order to access this feature, you need to navigate to the theme customizer page where the settings below are available.

Once you are on the customizer control panel, please visit the Colors & Styling - Tables section, where you can control the colors and styling of tables of your website.

Colors & Styling - Tables

Premium Options Available With Extension Link


  • Table Background – defines the tables background color
  • Header Background – defines tables header background color
  • Footer Background – defines tables footer background color
  • Even Row Background – defines tables “even row” background color
Text Color


  • Table Color – defines the tables text color
  • Header Color – defines tables header text color
  • Footer Color – defines tables footer text color
  • Even Row Color – defines tables “even row” text color
  • Caption Color – defines tables caption text color
Separator Style
  • Style – controls the border style of tables – solid, dotted, or dashed
Separator Color
  • Color – controls the border color of tables – solid, dotted, or dashed
Border Radius
  • Border Radius (rem) – controls the tables border radius in rems
Cells Padding
  • Vertical Padding (rem) – sets the vertical padding of table cells in rems
  • Horizontal Padding (rem) – sets the horizontal padding of table cells in rems